10,000 Islands Cruise - January 2018

Photographers: Simon Lewandowski, Mike Jones, Dimitri Krinos, and Ricky Aguilar

The WCTSS sailors departed from Goodland, FL and sailed SE to Panther Key in the 10,000 Islands on the SW coast of Florida. The enjoyed fresh breezes, cold nights, warm companionship and challenging waters with swift tides and narrow passages between mangrove islands. Most were coming back to a place they are familiar with, but several got to experience this area for the first time. Joe Auciello was a guest of the Squadron from Maine. Dan Roeder loved sailing the shallow flats between the islands around Four Brothers Key. Craig was on his first cruise with the Squadron in his red Lightning. Niko Krinos was the youngest Squadron member and had a great sail with dad, Dimitri in their Mac 26X. Michael Jones sailed his Garden Eel, Aunt Louise, to the event to provide eye candy for everyone.

Best firewood gatherer was JF Bedard, who being a Canadian was not about to let this collection of sailors from all over freeze to death! Ricky and Scott sailed their Trimarans and had good runs both ways. Marty Worline sailed his SCAMP, Fat Bottomed Girl. Simon took some great photos and took JF along with him aboard the lovely Egret. Dennis Bradley was a bit late to the party, but was said to have had a party of his own at the docks in Goodland. Sadly I was sick and had to miss this one. (Ron Hoddinott)

Sailors who participated in this WCTSS Cruise:

1. Roger Sanderson - CS 17 - Mermaid
2. Vince (Olzeke Burnett)- Kayak
3. Dan Roeder - Wayfarer
4. Simon Lewandowsi - Egret
5. JF Bedard with Simon
5 Dimitri and Niko Krinos Mac 26X
6.Joe Auciello - CS 17
6. Craig Skiles - Lightning
7. Ricky Aguilar - Windrider 17
8. Scott Birdwell - Trimaran
9. Dennis Bradley - Egret
10. Michael Jones - Garden Eel - Aunt Louise
11. Marty Worline - SCAMP - Fat Bottomed Girl


Mike Jones - Eel - Aunt Louise


JF and Simon in Egret


The lovely from every angle - Egret.


Small boats gathering - CS-17, Eel, CS-17, Wayfarer, Lightning


Vince enjoying his turn on the tiller.


Vince helps Roger get Mermaid ready to go.


Joe Auciello with his Core Sound 17


Dan and Craig tacking through the mangrove islands.


Good group around the campfire.


Tides in January are a bit extreme


JF Bedard - Champion firewood getter!


Before the sunset.


Craig well reefed.


Aunt Louise - at Sunset.


No green flash, the air was too clear and dry.


Dennis Bradley's Egret headed south.


Motley collection - ancient to modern.


Fat Bottomed Girl - a Small Craft Advisor SCAMP


Simon says - "Horses for Courses." Shallow boats rule here in the 10,000 Islands.


Joe's Core Sound at Sunset.


Michael Jones with Aunt Louise.


Dimitri and Niko - sail towards Panther Key!


And getting to be in command - the best dad ever!


Niko inspects the pathetic fire. Where's JF?


JF Bedard, Simon and Michael



Ricky's tent aboard a Windrider 17 Tri.


Dennis stops for a gam.


Another sunset.


Dramatic clouds in the distance.



Ready for the cool evening by the fire.


Windrider making good time.


Scott Birdwell and his Astus 20 Trimaran


Joe taking Roger and Craig for a sail.


Scott meeting with Bradley's crew aboard Egret in Goodland.


Dennis Bradley




Mermaid and Aunt Louise - east side of Panther?


Lovely clouds overhead and the wind has moderated.


Egret at rest.


JF burns a marshmallow. Everyone rests.


"Sunrise" a Core Sound 17 on the beach.


Aunt Louise sitting pretty - deep draft boat not so much.


Oh my!


So many sunsets- and all good photos!


JF steering the Egret to Panther Key


What a pile of driftwood left for us by Hurricane Irma!


Our Panther Key for the weekend.


Scott with some time to play.


Scott sailing his Astus 20 Tri - homeward bound - making tracks.


Another Sunset.


A lovely welk and some seaweed left by the receding tide.