Ten Thousand Islands Cruise - Jan 2-6, 2019

Photographers: Lonnie Black, Simon Lewandowski, Scott Birdwell, Roger Sanderson, David Heckman, Peter Harrison, Dan Roeder, Dan Oja, Joe Auciello, and Dale Young, and others(?).

A total of 17 boats from the Squadron converged on Panther Key in the Ten Thousand Islands southeast of Goodland Florida. Sailing mostly in the open Gulf and ducking into the

channels and rivers that separate the thousands of small islands and islets, we searched out the beaches found mostly on the western (seaward) side of these islands. Camping aboard our boats, mostly, and enjoying

campfires and friendships. "The weather was here, wish you were beautiful." If you missed it, we'll be back. Join us.


Joe aboard his Core Sound 17 at Panther Key


Barron River out of Everglades City


Peep Hens of Lonnie and Peter navigate the Indian Key Pass out of Everglades City.


Lonnie's Peep Hen Shorebird leads the way.


Peter's Peep Hen following.


The two Peeps out by Indian Key.


Joe and Roger relaxing in the shade of a huge beach umbrella.


Craig, Joe, Roger, Dan, ?,and Pete smiling.


Roger's tent set up and Kruger SeaWind sailing canoe.


Some of the Squadron boats on Panther Key.


Roger's Kruger Sea Wind.


Peter Harrison answering questions about his Peep Hen.


Pete and Dan Oja.


Lonnie's Peep Hen, Shorebird.


Scott Birdwell emerging from his Astus 20 Tri.


Scott's tri looks like it's flying, even when it's anchored!


Joe's Core sound with canvas cabin up.


Joe aboard his Core Sound 17


Dale Young's Lug Rigged SeaPearl.


Ted Jean and his WW Potter 15.


Dan Oja and his Hobie Tandem Island that he keeps mainly in Georgia


Ricky's Windrider.


Great shot of Craig Stiles riding the bow and capturing video on his modified Lightning.


Craig adjusts his anchor while talking to David Heckman.


Ricky Aguilera and Craig Stiles


David boards his SeaPearl, Not-a-Yachta


David and Dale talking SeaPearls.


Looks like it's dinner time at Panther Key.


Ted with his Potter 15.


Dan taking off to explore the Dome Homes on Cape Romano Shoals.


And there they are ... what's left of them as the sea reclaims the shoreline.


David and Craig crossing tacks.


Just inside Caxambas Pass.


Five Squadron boats take a shore break.


Marty Worline with his SCAMP came to play.


Scott adjusting a shore line.


Chris Shelton and his Mirror Dinghy with Chinese Junk rig.


Chris is passing by a small islet with gnarly mangroves.


Painen Diaz and his latest creation crosses tacks with Chris in the Mirror Dinghy


I think it's a stretched Puddle Duck Racer!


I put it there on purpose!


David took a long tack down to Pavillion Key to spend the night solo and get some reading in.


Guides and fishermen are a common sight in the Ten Thousand Islands.


Dan's Wayfarer and Craig's Lighting alongside a beach.


And Simon soloed with the Egret, a Commodore Munroe design from the 1880s.


Evening sunset and Craig's Lightning.


Lonnie chats with someone as the sun sets.


Sunset clounds over the Everglades.


A Peep Hen is on the Horizon.


Ted heads down towards Tiger and Picnic Key the next day.


Peter and Lonnie follow.


Here they appear to be on Tiger Key in the ENP


There are always extreme tides during early January in this part of the world.


Racing back towards Panther Key, David Heckman is screaming along wing on wing in his SeaPearl


"When de bow come up, she really be movin' mon!"


Simon's Egret, also wing on wing chases David's SeaPearl.


Good shot of Dan aboard his Lug Rigged SeaPearl Soul Etude.


Egret and SeaPearl heading southeast along the Ten Thousand Island Coast.


Dan getting ready to sail somewhere.


There are hundreds of small beaches to stop and explore.


Like this one!


One way to get a good night's sleep aboard a SCAMP.



From inside Dan's Camping Tent - Wayfarer.


Enjoying the campfire with a view of Egret - and the STARS!


Pete and Lonnie stop for a bite on the way home to reality.