Links to other small boat sites: 

1. Shallow Water Sailors

2. Marine Concepts ----- Manufacturer of the Sea Pearl line of sailcraft

3. Small Craft Advisor----- Journal for the small boat advocate.-

4. Messing About In Boats --- magazine devoted to small craft

5. Simon Lewandowski's BLOG !

6. How to repack your trailer's wheel bearings - A great step by step movie for the do it yourselfer!

7. Sandpiper 565 group in Ontario - Trailer sailors from Canada!

8. - Adventure Racing - Everglades Challenge!

9. - discussion boards - classified ads - chandlery!

10. - The premier US website for home builders and boat plans.

11. - What's the wind going to do?

12. Furled Sails - World's first (and best) podcasts with members Noel and Christie Davis

13. Sailing Texas Classified Ads - Find a boat that fits your needs and budget!

14. Stevenson Boat Projects - Build your own sailboat with proven designs!