NEWS from the WCTSS

WCTSS has a Yahoo Group!

If you've never been a member of a discussion group on-line, you don't know what fun you're missing. Many Squadron members are members of Yahoo Discussion Groups,

like the SeaPearl group, and the Hensnest group for owners of Hen boats. It's easy to join the West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron Group! Just sign up to be a member of Yahoo!

Go to: with your browser. Get a username and password, and then look for the WCTSS group. There's a search feature, so if you type in WCTSS, it should take you right to it.

Sign up to become a member of the group (Join this group), and as soon as I see that you have applied for membership in the on-line group,

I will approve your membership, and you can start communicating with the other members. Use this forum to discuss up-coming events, suggest or plan events,

or just have a good old fashioned boat chat! Sign up today!!

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