Cedar Key Small Boat Meet - 2007

May 5th - 7th

Dale Niemann with his handmade Core Sound 17, Lively!


Dale christens Lively with a St. Paulie Girl Beer!


Hugh Horton's new canoe - Buffelhead


Holly Bird bringing in her new Melonseed with centerboard!


Lively rigged for sail


Preston Watter's beautiful Ione - sailing canoe


Another shot of Ione


She really attracts a crowd!


Ione under sail - Looks great Preston!


Jim Sullivan's lovely Skiff America 20 under power.


Lively and Southern Skimmer - the winner of 2007 Everglades Challenge.


Drascombe Scaffie - Becky Thatcher


By Friday night it was getting a bit crowded in front of the Island Place!


San Francisco Great Pelican!


Genise and Bernard Spendle's lovely wooden sloop.


Dave Thomasson's Sharpie leaving the harbor.


Maxwell's Emerald - Peep Hen getting ready to rig on Friday


Steve Wood's Bayhen being chased by Turtle Grass with Larry Whitted's SeaPearl 28 in background.


Ron Johnson getting Black Pearl ready to go sailing.


Graham Byrnes sailing Lively (his design) with Bob Wood and Dale on the bow.


Graham Byrnes rigging battens on Southern Skimmer - EC Winning Design.


Dave and Mindy Bolduc's great Little Cruiser - Matt Layden's design - Multi Bahama Trip Veteran.


Mindy Bolduc of Little Cruiser fame!


Dave using the yulow to bring Little Cruiser to the beach.


Little Cruiser sails to the Island Place beach.




Ron Johnson with Jim Leet sailing Black Pearl.


Saturday morning on Atsena Otie.


John and Collette Johns with their Adventure Island Tri on Atsena Otie Key.


Peep Hen Hedwig off of Snake Key.


Peep Hen Bullfrog sails off into the afternoon.


YeeHaw!! Wooden Melonseed from Cortez Florida


Is this where the small boat's meet ??

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