Lake Tarpon and the Turtle

July 14th, 2007

photos by Ron Hoddinott, Ed Combs, and Luke Lukoski

Luke and Joy Kukoski put the mast up on Joyride, a Sakonnet 23


Ed and Becky Combs sailing their Potter 19 Minnow.


Art Gregory sails Kiva, his Nimble Peep Hen.


Art got there a little late but had a good sail with the rest of us!


Here's Art hiking out in the cockpit of the Peep.


Brian Maxwell's Hunter 14 with Gary Maxwell as crew.


Gary was checking Brian out in the swift little sloop.


Dale Niemann's Core Sound 17 is swift and beautiful.


Great shot of Lively!


Dale said he had a few tense moments as the gusts heeled Lively to her lines.


Gil Walker was sailing his newly built Lobster Skiff with the rig from his H-14.


Great job, Gil!


Here are a few shots of Joyride, the Lukoski's Sakonnet 23 by Edey and Duff.



Heeling to her lines as she passes us!




Great boat Luke and Joy!

Ed and Becky on the lake.


Steve Morrill and Barbara in Shadow - classic SeaPearl 21


Harvey and I were sailing a SeaPearl Tri that's for sale at Marine-Concepts.


She went along nicely!


Steve Kingery said that he would have brought one of his sailboats, but he didn't expect any wind!


The porch of the new improved Tarpon Turtle Restaurant. Great FOOD!


Here's about 9/14ths of the crew!

Make the trip next time! You won't regret it!