Lake Harris overnighter - November 2007

Stin Linkert and his dog Nikita leave the Hickory Point docks on Saturday.


Jim Kidd enjoying the morning aboard his Drascombe Scaffie, Folly.


Jim and friend Fred sailing the Drascombe - photo by Luke Lukowski


Ron Hoddinott sailing his vintage SeaPearl 21, Whisper - Photo by Luke Lukowski


Luke brought his "Little Gem" skiff with 4 HP engine and too a lot of great shots! Photo by Joy Lukowski


Luke and Joy enjoyed rowing as well as motoring his well built little skiff. photo by Ron H.

Another shot of Luke rowing and Joy navigating.


Large alligator sighted on the way to the restaurant. Photo by Ron Hoddinott


Bill Whalen sailing his Peep Hen "My Little Chick-a-Dee" - photo by Luke Lukowski


Dale Niemann sailing Lively - Core Sound 17 - photo by Luke Lukowski


Ron Hoddinott getting the most out of the light winds on Saturday morning - photo by Dale Niemann.


Bill Whalen and Curt Bowman rafted up on the lake - Curt is aboard his new Drascombe Coaster built in Maine this year!


Curt aboard Annie - new wooden Drascombe Coaster built in Elliot Maine. Luke L - Photo



Nice shot of Lively - CS 17 by Luke Lukowski


Curt finds a spot near the north end of Long Island to anchor while we go in for lunch at the restaurant.


Close up of the fine work the wooden boat builders of Maine do!


Stin and prepares to leave Nikita on the boat for the lunch break.


The famous "Big Jakes" biker bar - food and service pretty darned good!


The north end of Long Island where we left some of the boats while we dined.


Luke arrives with Curt and Dale aboard.


Waiting for the food - near table is Jim, Ron, Dale and Bill.


Back on the lake - Dale makes tracks looking for wind.


Looks like he found some!


Curt's Annie in Horseshoe Cove - photo by Dale Niemann.


Another great shot by Dale in Horseshoe Cove showing Whisper and Chick-a-Dee.


Bill Whalen's "My Little Chick-a-Dee" photo by Dale Niemann.

Chick-a-Dee and Whisper - Peep Hen and SeaPearl 21 - photo by Dale Niemann.


Stin takes Nikita ashore to water the plants.


Little racoon visits the shore on Horseshoe Island.


Curt puts up the mosquito netting - getting ready for a quiet night afloat.


Curt trying out the sculling oar - secondary auxillary!


Curt out on the lake Sunday Morning.


Another shot of Annie on Lake Harris - Sunday morning - photo by Dale Niemann.


A great weekend trip - not to hot for a change!