Picnic Island - December 15th - 16th 2007


Picnic Island Cove with Bill and Dale's tent set up - preparing for a windy night - photo by Dale Niemann


 Paul Myers, Art Gregory and Dale Niemann - photo by Bill Fite


Brenda Bell and Art Gregory sailing Kiva - Peep Hen on Friday afternoon.


Ruth and Terry Nagel searched us out on Saturday with their aluminum high powered skiff!


Dale on Lively enjoying a peanut butter sandwich!

Ron and Bill testing the inflatable rollers for the Everglades Challenge - They work! photo by Dale Niemann


Lively sailing off Sanibel Island on Saturday morning - photo by Dale Niemann.


Paul Myer's SeaPearl 21 - Brogan in the cove. Bill Fite's tent - photo by Paul Myers


Stin Linkert's Potter, Lily P, Dale Niemann's CS 17, Lively, and Bill Fite's SP 21 - MoonShadow. - photo by Paul Myers


Picnic Island Cove looking Northwest - photo by Paul Myers


Dale Niemann getting camping items out of Lively. - photo by Paul Myers


From aboard Brogan on Saturday morning. A brisk wind and a well reefed mainsail! - photo by Paul Myers


Stin's Lily P. off Sanibel Island. - photo by Paul Myers


Core Sound crossing with WW Potter 19 - photo by Paul Myers


Great shot of Lily P. chasing Dale's CS 17. - photo by Paul Myers


Lively under single reefs. - photo by Paul Myers


Another crossing with Lively and Lily P. - photo by Paul Myers


Ron tries out Dave's old Guild guitar on the beach - Stin, Ruth, Bill - listen. Photo by Dave Barnicoat.


Saturday afternoon in the lee of the wind - Potters, Nagel's skiff, Moonshadow, and Rick Eggers' MacGregor 26 - Mental Floss


Good shot of Rick's Mental Floss - with Jack O'Brian aboard.


Dave Barnicoat's Potter Red Tag - with genoa only. photo by Jack O'Brian?