Flamingo - Whitewater Bay - Cape Sable

Dec 27th - 31st - 2006

Fresh water ramp at Flamingo into Buttonwood canal to Whitewater Bay. Other ramp launches into Florida Bay.


Whisper heading to Coot Bay on Buttonwood Canal.


Ron Hoddinott aboard Whisper after anchoring in Coot Bay on Wednesday. Photo by Bill Fite.


Bill Fite in Moonshadow, contemplating the sunset in Coot Bay.


Paul Wagonner's SeaPearl Trimaran - Wing-It - at anchor in Coot Bay.


Whisper beating in Whitewater Bay - photo by Ted Jean.


Mangrove Island that looked like a hill from a distance.


Bill Fite's Moonshadow passing a mangrove island in Whitewater Bay.


Paul's SeaPearl Tri in Whitewater Bay.


Moonshadow headed toward the Little Shark River


Moonshadow in Whitewater Bay.


Tall and beautiful Mangroves in Whitewater Bay.


Whisper in Whitewater Bay - photo by Ted Jean.


Ted Jean's Milk-N-Honey heading down the Little Shark River.


Paul Wagonner's Tri - Wing It heading down river.


Whisper headed down river - Look! Manatees on the right! - Photo by Bill Fite.


Milk-N-Honey, Ocita, and Wing-It anchored in Little Shark River.



Moon Shadow at the Little Shark River anchorage.


Mouth of the Little Shark, looking west to the Gulf.


Whisper at anchor at Little Shark River - Great PHOTO! by Bill Fite.


Shot on the way out of the river showing height of the white mangroves and buttonwood trees!


Moonshadow overtaking Dovekie Ocita in the Gulf on Friday.


Wing-It in the Gulf!


Dovekie Ocita in the Gulf of Mexico!


The SeaPearls catch and pass the Dovekie in the Gulf.



Whisper just south of Middle Cape Sable. Photo by Bill Fite.


Last stop before East Cape Sable. On Middle Cape.


Cuban refugee boat with pool liner covering and inner tube. What happened to them?


Wing-It leaving Mid Cape Sable.


Heading into Lake Ingraham via Middle Cape Canal. - Photo by Bill Fite


Seabirds take flight on mud flats in Lake Ingraham.


Lesser Sandpipers line the mud flats which helped us find the channel through the lake.


Moonshadow at the east end of Lake Ingraham canal.


Bob Wood - Co-Founder - of WCTSS!


Last anchorage - in a canal off of East Cape Canal. Paul called it "no-see-um" heaven.


In the Flamingo Channel - from Florida Bay - after a long morning beat!


Wing-It and Whisper at the haul out ramp in Flamingo on Saturday.