Honest John's Indian River and Meade's Island Overnighters

Feb 2013

Photographs by Chris Behnke, Ron Hoddinott, Dimitri Krinos, and Simon Lewandowski


Cool temps but warm tent. That's how to survive a cold day.


Chris' Red Witch - O'Day daysailer


Chris picked an island to the north of IRL #1 for his lonely camp.


Chris' dog got into the food and water!


Sundown was beautiful!


A windy and very cold weekend kept all the west coaster home, but Chris kept it from being a washout!


Meade's Island - in St. Joseph Sound north of the Dunedin - Honeymoon Island Causeway .


Dimitri's track from Sutherland Ramp to Meade's Island.


This is the Gougemaran. A beach cruising power cat - notice the landing ramp!


Meade Gougeon with the firewood for the weekend!


This is what was left on Saturday!


Dimitri's Mac X Lucky Seven.


It seems that Meade's Island already had a name. Oh well.. we like Meade's Island.


Approaching from the east to deliver firewood Friday morning.


Meade's Woodwind and Frank Smoot's Sweet 16 folding tri.


Frank and Meade contemplate the winds.


Frank comes back after pacing Meade's boat for a while.


Easy to sail, and mast can be raised from the cockpit!


Sophia, want to paddle a kayak?


Southern sandy beach.


Frank and Meade take off while the kids return from a short jaunt.


Joe! You were out there Saturday with Simon! He snagged this shot of you!

Steady as she goes, Joe!


Simon also ran into this character practicing for the Everglades Challenge in Woodwind!


Peaceful Easy Feeling as sun sets aboard Lucky Seven.


Nico! Make some PopCorn!

Ron Hoddinott gets the kids out in his Necky Kayak.


And they're back!


Dimitri went down to the Sailing Center on Friday to see Jose' and his kids practice for a race, and ran into a regatta of Lasers!


Back on Meade's Island...


Ron got to try out the Sweet 16 Folder from Dr. Frank Smoot. Very quick and easily handled!