Cayo Costa Cruise - March 15-17 2013

Photos by Ron Hoddinott, Ed and Becky Combs, and Tom Ray

Typical Scene - SeaPearls in the shallow end. Ted Jean's Hideaway, and Fred's DeJa Vu.


Mike and Gail arrive on the Beetle Cat replica.


Bill Dolan arrives in his Marshall 18 Sea Wind.


A leaking Anderson bailer had to be patched in Dales Core Sound 17.


Heave ho guys!


Paul & Joyce Myers' ComPac 16 Stray Cat.


Dalliance - Ron Falkey's self designed Tri.


Dennis Bradley's Chapelle Sharpie 24.


Sharpie sailing. She's fast!


On Eagle's Wings - Catalina 250 of Steve and Yvonne Brewster


Ed and Becky's St. Somewhere.


Dennis Bradley's other boat, the Egret.


Fred's SeaPearl 21 arriving at a good clip!


Joyce and Paul Myers, John Johns, and Ted Jean on the beach.


John and Colette nearing Pelican Bay aboard Spun Key their Tandem Island Hobie.


SpunKey coming into the anchorage.


Dave and Teresa's Mac X arriving.


Dave aboard Hot Tub with an adult beverage.


Dale Niemann sailing Lively, Core Sound 17, into the cove.


Mental Floss, Rick and Linda Eggers' Mac 26 S.


Dodie and Paul Waggoner of Bokeelia, enjoying the sun on Saturday.


Pedro and Roses' Mac X with their two boys from Maryland. Thanks for joining us!


Whisper the Siren arrives behind Terry Clement's Satori, Peep Hen.


Rick and Jeanie Valdez aboard Rick's Hunter 260, Sea Cups! Breakfast?


Siren 17, Whisper owned by Terry and Ruth Nagel.


Sunrise from Whisper's cockpit.


Peter Bogaz's T-Gull. Awesome trimaran.


Another look at a Dick Newick design.


Tom and Sonja Ray with their SunCat, Wiley Conch.


Tony Reed sailing in from Burnt Store.


Core Sound 17, with bailer fixed, sailing out on Sunday.


Whisper heading back to Bokeelia on Sunday.


Rick and Jeanie's SeaCups making her getaway.


Hey, where'd everybody go?


Ron Hoddinott taking a photo of Ted Jean's departure in Hideaway, SeaPearl 21.


Ed Combs says "Y'all come back now!"