Meade's Island Cruise - Feb 14th - 16th 2014

Photos by Ron Hoddinott, Dimitri Krinos, Simon Lewandowski, and Ric Valdez.

Whisper surfing around the eastern shoal of Meade's Island.


Simon and Ray Worob rest on Whisper after a hair raising 10.8 MPH ride down St. Joseph Sound!

Ray found me launching at Sunset Park, and I invited him to come along on his first WCTSS outing!


Simon's Goat Island Skiff (GIS).

Eric and Jane DeVoe's Welsford Houdini - Belefonte'

Eric brings a well reefed Houdini into shore across the sand bar.

Ray is learning how we lunch on the beach.

Simon's Goat Island Skiff on the beach.

Belafonte's Stern looking toward the beach.

Wooden Ships on the water... very free.


Just a couple of the campfire areas on the interior of Meade's Island.


Tim Webb sailed his O'Day DS2 The Red Witch over on Friday and spent the night. He left the firewood for us!


Looking to the north out on St. Joseph Sound.


Eric checks on Belefonte' while Dimitri sails south to meet Jose' and Luna.

Dimitri's Lucky Seven well reefed and moving fast!

We thought it was Ed and Becky, but it was Ric Valdez and SeaCups, the Hunter 260!


SeaCups trying to reverse in the high winds. It was tough!

Ric relaxing on his afterdeck.

Whisper, SeaCups, Lucky Seven, Luna (in distance) and Belefonte'

Looking southeast.

Luna arrives under power with a new engine.

Welcome home, Luna! Kent from Nova Scotia is on the bow.

In the lee of the wind.

Group shot

The kids at play.

Lucky 7 and Luna together again.

Simon goes sailing again in the afternoon breeze.

Six Squadron boats, and Meade's new canoe came out later that evening to spend the night.

Luna had to get back to Clearwater Sailing Center where Mateo was racing in a regatta.

Everyone helped get her off on a falling tide.


And off they go!

Simon returns to Pop Stansell Park to haul out.

Well we're aground for the night, might as well goof around by the fire!

Campfire by the shore.

Saturday evening.


And later that night. Meade's Voyager Canoe bow upper right.


Full moon between the trees.