Cedar Key Gathering - November 14th -16th, 2014

Photos by Ron Hoddinott, Mike Jones, Pat Johnson, Jeff Carr, Dennis Marshall, Luke Lukowski, and Rex Payne

And click the link for more photos from Simon's Blog! http://planingaround.blogspot.com/2014/11/cedar-key-in-november.html

The Atsena Otie Key Welcome Sign at Cedar Key


Mike Jones' Aunt Louise a William Garden Eel -Canoe Yawl


The beach lineup on Saturday during a calm spell - Dennis' Duckling in foreground


Mike Jones with his Aunt Louise - Whisper SeaPearl Tri behind.


Aunt Louise and Whisper in front of the Island Place hotel.


Doug Engh's Penobscot 17 sailing in light wind.


Doug Engh's Penobscot 17 chasing Pat's SeaScreacher


Bill Whalen with his 1917 sail canoe, "Wanda."


Eric DeVoe's Houdini by John Welsford (designer)


Belafonte' the Houdini sailing .


Steve Kingery with his H-14 sailing well with new rig.


Kathy Payne paddles her CLC kayak.


Joy Lukowski sailing Whisper while Ron Hoddinott looks on.


Luke transfers to Simon's Goat Island Skiff from Whisper's leeward ama.


Some of our boats in front of the Island Place Hotel.


Alan Raedel's SunCat 17 sailing.


Aunt Louise sailing down on Whisper on Friday


Doug's Penobscot 17 anchored in front of the Island Place


Half of the crowd at the Island Hotel on Saturday evening.


Jeff Carr sailing his Kruger Sea Wind sailing canoe.


Jeff comes alongside to snap a closeup of Whisper.


Mike Jones' Aunt Louise


Glen Osling's SMR Beetle Cat.


Whisper - SP Tri Sport sailing by.


Luke Lewkowski at the helm of Whisper with wine glass in hand.


This is the kind of meetings we have in the WCTSS !


Nick's Dragon Boat loaded with passengers for Atsena Otie Key.


Boat builder Pat Johnson


Pat Johnson's new Ross Lillistone design - SeaScreacher


Doug's Penobscot 17 on Saturday at Atsena Otie


Tom Steinmetz's newest design an experimental pram type setting off.


The prototype SeaPearl of Kent and Barb Bleakley in foreground.


Friday night at Tony's Seafood. Great Clam Chowda!


Tim Horseman - with his SeaPearl - Tim brought Charlie Morgan to the event!