Crystal River Boat Bash

April 2015

Yup.. A battleship that you can drive around! New Ranger in charge owns it!


Jerry Davis' Crysler from the 70's looking great!


Bill Whalen's Wanda Canoe.


Bob Treat's Chappaquidic 12.5 - for sale! See our "Boats for Sale" page.


Damon Wright's Chapelle 24 Sharpie.


Steve Kingery's Ruston Princess in fiberglass


Sternwheeler - model for future project at the CRBB.


Bow of the Sternwheeler model


Whiskey Gulf, a ComPac 16


The Ice Boat (also a model of a future project)


Larry Fagan's Florida Bay Sharpie - for sale ($1800)


Drascombe Longboat and CLC Skerry owned by Michael Burwell.


Preston Watters' Old Town refinished 1939 canoe - also for sale!


I think that's a PD Racer with cabin!


Tom Busenlener's well traveled Phoenix 3 sloop!


CRBB built Civil War Blockade running SCOW design


The decks are weathering well, and she doesn't leak!


Stern view of Spirit - Built with traditional tools at Crystal River by the CRBB.

Try to make a weekend of it next year!