Silver Glen Springs - June 22-24

Photos by Ron Hoddinott, Ryan Hoddinott, and Ed Combs.


Nomad in the Spring - Photo by Ryan Hoddinott


Andrew Tyson's SeaPearl Tri - at Astor Ramp


Blue Island Camp - near Marker 21 St. John's River.


View from Nomad's cockpit - entering the spring run.


In the Spring - Photo from Ed's mask cam.


Photo from Ed's Mask Cam


The Spring at Silver Glen.


Curious otter surfaced to check me out - one of three playing on our way out on Wednesday.


The 72 degree water felt really good after a 95 degree day of motoring. Ted dives right in.


St. Somewhere motoring to the spring.


Tom Steinmetz's custom Michalek design.


Steve Wood's boat blends into the foilage.


Nomad from astern - photo by Ryan Hoddinott


Out on Lake George - dead calm motoring.


Now THAT'S a dead calm!


Upstairs at Williams Landing after packing up for the trip home. Tom, Steve, Ted.