Cayo Costa Cruise - October 16th - 18th , 2015

Photos by Ron Hoddinott, Simon Lewandowski, and Chris Throop


Dan Roeder's Wayfarer passing Nomad on the way south on Friday.


St. Somewhere, and Dan's Wayfarer anchored off the North Cove of Pelican Bay.


Sandy and Bill's MacGregor 26 S - Ariel


Billy Vandeusen aboard Cayo Gato - SunCat.


Jack Dirkes's SunCat - About Time


Mary's SunCat - Stray Cat


Stray Cat.


Simon Lewandowski bringing in the Egret.


Kevin Riley swooping into the cove aboard Hank, his Potter 15.


Hank safely anchored.


Chris Throop's Soverign Antares 17. A big little boat!


Egret at rest.


Looking north Saturday morning.


Ron Hoddinott survey's the Squadron


El Capitan Gerry sailing in with his sailing canoe.


Look ma, no hands!


Ron Pierce aboard his O'Day 192.


Tim Webb putting away his cooking gear.


Two O'Day DS 2s - Tim's and Chris'.



The party gathers.


Chinese dumplings steamed by El Capitan Gerry.


Campfire and Dutch Oven - Chris Behnke treated us to apple cobbler!


Funny Bones getting underway on Saturday - Floyd Marsden captain.


Brisk conditions for a beat back home!


Saturday morning in the cove.


Billy and Mary lowered masts to sneak back in Jug Creek under the bridge.


Tim, Chris, Ron and Simon holed up Saturday night behind Dog Island.


Simon's kite cam showing location of Dog Island by Rail Road Bridge - Placida.


Chris ferrys us in to the Fishery Restaurant.


The Fishery dock.


The Saturday night group.


The old shrimper sank!


Ron Puts the sail cover on.


Tim has his tent set up


Nomad and Egret Saturday afternoon.


Ron heads back aboard Nomad with mast down to avoid opening the swing bridge.