Lake Tarpon Daysail - November 6th, 2015

photos by Ron Hoddinott, Dan Roeder, Mike Barnes, and Mike Jones


Chris Throop rigs PIP his Soverign Antares 17.


Dan and friend rig up the swift Wayfarer.


Tom Lincoln aboard Garito - Com-Pac SunCat 17.


Gatito on the lake!


Dan's Wayfarer slooping around.


Circling the Nomad.


Dale Niemann's Core Sound 17, Lively with new paint and varnish!


No particular course - Wayfarer and Com-Pac .


Eric and Jane DeVoe's John Welsford Houdini - Dale's CS 17 in background.


Mike and Mary Barnes' first time with us, and they brought their friends along! Good Sailing Mike!


The stretched Windmill designed and built by Michael Jones - boat featured in Wooden Boat's Small Boat Issue.


Even closer.


Chris Throop, who knocked his mast off in the parking lot, got back out there with the help of a few screws!


Chris always get that boat goind well.


Rex and Kathy Payne's Caldonia Yawl, Kathleen.


Bud Tritschler (founding member) , Brenda Bell, and Art Gregory aboard Kiva, Brenda's Peep Hen.


Mike Barnes - Precision 18 storming up the lake.


JF Bedard's Montgomery 17 with Joshua, his son, aboard. Way to go!


Tacking in a great morning breeze - Dan's Wayfarer and Chris Throop's Soverign.


The Peep on the Lake!


Dale's Lively and Eric and Jane's Welsford Houdini "Belefonte."


From Michael Jones' cockpit - Core Sound 17 - Malu - Kathleen -


Simon made it out in the afternoon. Here he's approaching Nomad, Ron Hoddinott's Com-Pac 17.


And a big straw hat bimini!


Previous owners - Dennis and Carol Marshall spent the day with Ron and Nomad. Some great lessons learned by Ron.


Tom and Barb's SunCat.


Following Nomad into the docks.


Malu on her trailer.


Bill and Sandy Stevens aboard their daysailing SunFish!