Cedar Key - November 20-22, 2015

photos by Simon Lewandowski, Rex and Kathy Payne, and Michael Jones


The fleet gathers on Atsena Otie Beach Friday morning.


Just a short sail from the town, Squadron members gather.


Mac 26, Hobies, Goat Island Skiff, Potter 19, Bay Hen, Beetle Cat, Prototype SeaPearl, Welsford Houdini, and Melon Seed!


Frank Wentzel with his BayHen 21. Nice shirts, guys!


Glenn and Karen's Beetle Cat replica.



Don and Carmen's WW Potter 19 at anchor.


Simon and Kristie's new Goat Island Skiff launching vehicle!


Meade Gougeon, recipient of the National Sailing Hall of Fame this year, sails his highly developed sailing canoe, Voyageur.


Dennis and Carol Marshall sailing Duckling.


Bill and Sandy Steven's Mac 26S Ariel at anchor off of Atsena Otie Key.


Eric and Jane DeVoe's John Welsford Houdini - Belafonte'


Belafonte' sailing by.


The Houdini at rest.


Puddle Duck with cabin!


In front of the Island Place Hotel.


Michael Jones' Malu, Beetle Cat, Two Bow, and Melonseed.


Michael and Judith's Malu - their stretched Windmill - featured in the 2014 Wooden Boat Small Boat Issue.


Michael Jones aboard Malu - president of our local TSCA!


Glen Osoling and Simon Lewandowski's Goat sailing together in close proximity!


Simon on Atsena Otie Key.


The GIS on Snake Key, maybe?


Rex and Kathy Payne's lovely Melonseed - Passion.


Glenn sailing his cat onto the Island Place Beach.


Kent and Barbara Bleakley's Prototype SeaPearl - TwoBow


TwoBow excels in light air.


Glenn, Michael, and is that Bob Treat? Walking the boats near Snake Key.


Snake Key.


Hugh Horton with Simon's Goat Island Skiff - Corrigan's Reef.


Watching for oysters.


Sailing home from Snake Key.


Tom Steinmetz's Hobie Trimaran adaptation.


Malu sails away.


Saturday night at the Island Hotel dining room!


Sunset reflected in the windows of Simon and Kristie's new RV at Sunset Isles RV Park in Cedar Key.