Cedar Key Small Boat Meet - May 7-9, 2016

Photos by Dom Romer, Ron Hoddinott, Larry Whited, Rex and Kathy Payne


Gusty winds on Thursday and Friday had this cat boat bruising the waves west of Atsena Otie Key


Bernard and Genise's Welsford Pathfinder at low tide.


Dom and Sandra Roemer - who took the majority of these photos!


Kevin - AKA - Black Bart - and his Melonseed.


Waiting on Friday night to open up the back room of Tony's


Yes, they really do have world champion Clam Chowder!


Even the patio out back was full!


The mostly Atlanta contingent of the WCTSS - with Billy and Joyce in foreground.


JF Bedard enjoying a HUGE bowl of chowder!


Our guest speakers for the Saturday event at the Community Center - Ida Little and Michael Walsh.


Eric and Jane's CLC canoe - Gadget.


Fairlie Brinkley's Cape Fear Boatbuilding School Melonseed. Wow.


The Saturday morning gathering on Atsena Otie. - The weather was perfection!


Michael Burwell and guest with Michaels CLC Skerry - Hull # 1 !


Dale Niemann sharing the foredeck of his Core Sound 17 with Ida Little of Beach Cruising and Coastal Camping fame!


Steve Denning's Cat Boat made from a repurposed little sloop at Dave's Boat Nuts Shop.


Ernie Brown's first build! A sweet Nancy's China.


Fairlie Brinkley was not afraid of getting wet to get the stern anchor out.


Hot rod skiff sailors Ron Hoddinott and Simon Lewandowski - Get the Goat Island Skiff going!!


Rob Hazzard's SCAMP - Puffin!


Hugh Horton's original Buffelhead.


Ida Little and Michael Walsh relaxing with the Core Sound 17.


Early morning - low tide at the Island Place Beach.


JF Bedard and his own dinghy design!


Two shots of Lollipop - a ComPac 16 sloop.


Russ and Merlyn sailing their Potter 15 in brisk winds.


The big yellow Mike's Boat was back again!


The Myers' SeaPearl looking smart under full sail.


Bernard's explaining how the Pathfinder got a cabin!


Genise and Bernard - builders of the Welsford Pathfinder!


Lowell and Dee Stephens exploring North Key on Sunday with O'SeaDee!


O'SeaDee and another SeaPearl.


Rex and Kathy Payne with their Caldonia Yawl - Kathleen.


SCAMP arrives at the party.


The Slider Cat - Dean Pacetti.


Steve Wood's Bayhen.


In the center is Tom Dyll with hand on canoe line - Tom finished the 1200 mile Around Florida Challenge just a few weeks ago!


Two John Welsford designs - a Pathfinder and a SCAMP!


Wes White sailing a little skiff with the sail from father Robb's Felucca.


Sunrise on another perfect Cedar Key day.