Cedar Key - November Small Boat Meet - 11/18/16 - 11/20/16

Photography by Dom Roemer, Ron Hoddinott, and Dennis and Carol Marshall


Looking west on Atsena Otie Key - Dom and Sandra's Precision 15 in foreground.


The Crossing - Simon, Hugh and Michael -


Steve Kingery's Princess sailing canoe - foreground.


Hugh Horton's Buffelhead on the beach.


Ida Little and Michael Walsh's Aluminum Sailing Canoe!


The Princess


Beach line up - winds picking up. Steve Churchill's SeaPearl Shadow in foreground.


Dale Niemann's Core Sound 17, Lively .


Meade Gougeon's latest entry for the Everglades Challenge.


Simon's Goat Island Skiff -foreground


Boyd and Rebeca's new WW Potter 15 waiting for a breeze.


Sandra Roemer standing by their new Precision 15.


Ted Jean's Bay River Skiff - Cat Ketch Rigged.


Windrider setting off from the beach.


Ron and Ted aboard the BRS.


Potter and Wanda - Bill Whalen's Sailing Canoe


Glenn Osoling's Sarasota Cat at anchor


Dennis and Carol's Duckling.


Jim Brown listening to Rob Hazard explain his SCAMP - Puffin.


Ted and Bay River Skiff (left) and Rob and Puffin (Right)


Low tide line up (left and right)


Tom Steinmetz paddled and sailed his Hobie (left) and Ted sails his Bay River Skiff (right)


Michael Jones aboard Malu (left) and Simon Lewandowski standing up aboard his GIS (right)


Masked raider aboard Windrider (left) and Meade Gougeon aboard his newest EC boat (right).


Steve's Sailing canoe (left) and Fairley Brinkley with his Melonseed (right)


Ted Jean


Scamp builder - Rob Hazard sporting CK Small Boat Meet 30th Anniversary Tee Shirt.


New members Rebecca with Potter 15 (left) Eric and Abigail and family aboard their MacGregor 19 (right)


Atsena Otie Key scenes


Boyd and Rebecca's Potter name (left) and Dennis and Lonnie waiting for wind (right)


Lonnie's Swann Beetle (left) and Dennis and Carol's Duckling (right)


Steve's Princess Canoe (left) and Carol points the way (right)


Lil' Dipper (left) and Roger Sanderson's Spray (right)


Fairley Brinkley's beautiful Melonseed making tracks.


Steve Churchill's SeaPearl Shadow from Tennessee!


Hugh and Karen aboard Buffelhead


Lots of instruments and controls inside the hard dodger of Mead's racing canoe.


Stark lines in bright sunshine - Goat Island Skiff


And Simon - the GIS builder.


An old Windrider with highly visible sails!


Atsena Otie Key


Fun at Tony's Chowder House ! Michael Walsh and Ida Litte in center of photo.


Lovely half hull model of a Clark Mills' SunCat - built and presented to me by Glenn Osoling on Saturday night at Tony's. Proudly displayed on my mantel.