Meade's Island - St. Joseph Sound

December 18th - 21st

Photographers : Ron Hoddinott, Ed Combs, Dimitri Krinos.

Panorama of the NW cove anchorage Sunday afternoon.


Nomad - ComPac SunCat on her way to Meade's Island.


Late afternoon on Sunday - Hunter, MacGregor, ComPac, and Astus 20 Tri.


Scott Birdwell's Astus 20 trimaran.


Simon Lewandowski sailed out to join us with his Goat Island Skiff.


Foreground - sterns of Goat Island Skiff and Two Bow - a Prototype SeaPearl


Kent and Barb Bleakley's Two Bow - Glenn Osoling chats with Ron Hoddinott on right.


St. Somewhere - Hunter 23.5 - looks new!


JF Bedard's Montgomery 17, and Kevin Riley's SeaPearl 21


JF Bedard and the boys - Joshua, Nico, and Joshua's friend.


Tree climbing delights.


It's Duke the Dog aboard St. Somewhere, with Nomad the boat in the background!


Early morning light.


Pink clounds on a windless morning as St. Somewhere prepares to depart.


Three boats spend Monday night at Caladesi Island Marina - looks like they had the place to themselves!