10,000 Islands Cruise - January 2017

photos by Ron Hoddinott, Ed Combs, and Dimitri Krinos


Shorebird, Paul and Joyce Myers' Peep Hen gets her anchor down.


Shorebird and Nomad at Panther Key


Shorebird has a great enclosed summer cabin!


Tom and Christy's MacGregor M, Watercolors, at anchor.


Nomad as the Sun begins to set - Panther Key


Sunsets here are really special.


Beach campfires every night.




Extreme low tides and swift current left Nomad aground for about 4 hours.


Out exploring the creek by the north side of Panther Key,



Tom and Christy at Picnic Key on Friday


Looking north at Picnic Key.


Dennis Bradley's Egret and his unique crew member.


Winnie gets a lot of laughs from folks along the ICW.


Watercolors and St. Somewhere as the sun goes down.


Two canoeists pass by on the way out to sea.


Dennis sleeps well when the Egret is aground.


Nomad made sure to stay off the bottom the rest of the trip.


Chris Behke's new Precision 165 came in after dark on Friday night.


Ed and St. Somewhere - Hunter 23.5


Dimitri took photos of the "Dome Home" at Cape Romano Shoals on Saturday.


Approaching the Domes from the south.


Nico roams the beach - Dimitri's MacGregor 26 X at anchor


Another great sunset on Panther Key!