Cedar Key Small Boat Meet - May 5th -7th, 2017

Photos by:

Dom Romer, Ron Hoddinott, Michael Jones, Rex Payne, Dave Lucas, Lizart Photography, Rick Scott, Simon Lewandowski, Hugh Horton, Karen Falat, and Tom Mackey


Meade Gougeon in Elderly Care - his 2017 EC class 3 canoe - Racing around on Friday afternoon.


Simon took JF Bedard for a sail in the Goat Island Skiff. This happened. They stayed dry, somehow.


JF Bedard sails his RoG design out and crosses tack with Puffin, Rob Hazzard's SCAMP.


The Squadron filled up the back room and patio of Tony's Friday night.


Here's Michael Jones with Fairley Brinkley and AIA, Fairley's Melonseed.


Some fine marlinspike seamanship on a melonseed's tiller.


Hugh Horton and friend Karen well reefed aboard Buffelhead.


The Windrider Trimarans were out and screaming across the water on Saturday. Jim Brown was there.


Pushing it to the limit, Mike McGarry's windrider came ashore on Atsena Otie's beach at 10 knots!


Western edge of the beach on Saturday.


Dom Romer taking a ride aboard RoG, JF Bedard's innovative EC craft.


'Tosh sailing SeaPearl Strider in heavy winds.


Dom and Sandra sailing their Precision 15 - Wing Sauce.


Glenn Osoling sailing his Sarasota Cat - copy of the Beetle Cat in fiberglass.


Glenn's Cat can really move.


ROG on the beach.


Rex and Kathy's Caldonia Yawl, and Michael and Judith's Penobscot 14.


Matt Layden came calling in a fine little kayak he designed!


Bernard's Pathfinder getting turned around, and the SCAMP comin' atcha.


Robb White's beautiful and light Felucca design - sailed by son Wes White.


RoG leaving a wake.


SCAMP, ROG, and GIS - all headed up wind. RoG seems to be pointing higher.


The windy cut on Saturday.


Ron, JF, Charlie Ball, and Simon (seated)


Pat and Charlie Ball's "Roseate" Cruiser designed by JF Bedard's Instructor at Westlawn - Dave Gerr.


Sunday morning sunrise from the Old Fenimore Mill. Pathfinder on the hard.


Simon come up behind Kent sailing his Menger Cat.


And he caught them. Ron Sell in yellow PFD.


Pathfinder out sailing with owners Bernard and Genise Spenle.


A Windrider 10, and Simon and his Goat Island Skiff.


The Black Cortez Melonseed with Kevin aboard. Sweet!


In lighter winds - JF Bedard and RoG - River of Grass.


River of Grass - up close.


'Tosh and Strider.


Pathfinder close up.


Sunday beach at Atsena Otie.


Hugh Horton's Buffelhead.


Acorn Dinghy - David Fuller's


Eric and Jane's Houdini "Belafonte" in calmer winds on Sunday.


Steve Wood's Bay Hen


Rob Hazzard's SCAMP with Don Romer aboard as crew.


Strider taken by Lizart.com


Frank Wentzel with daughter Hilleary on right and grand daughter Piper by the shore.


Piper mugging the camera!


Long-billed Dowitchers on the beach