Lake Tarpon and the Turtle Restaurant - May 20th, 2017

Eleven boats from the Squadron came out to play on the lake. 10 Sailboats and 1 motor craft that Dale used to take a lot of these photos.

Photos by Ron Hoddinott and Dale Niemann

Kent gets ready to set up his Menger 15 Cat.


Ron's ComPac Suncat NOMAD waits at the launch ramp dock.


Glen Osoling's Sarasota Cat at speed.


Keith's Potter 15 making good time.


Keith and Henry enjoy the moment.


Nomad making good time in the brisk winds.


Keith and Henry sail away.


Dale in his motor vessel took this photo of Glenn's Catboat showing her skirts.


Dennis and Carol aboard Duckling.


Duckling showing speed in the lighter air.


Dale's speedboat "Salty" with crew Kristi aboard.


Kent and Barbara's Menger just looks fast on the water.


Because it IS fast!


Here they come again!


Simon on the Goat Island Skiff chase down Ron aboard Nomad.


Nomad was fun to sail in the brisk winds!


Rex and Kathy aboard Passion - their 16 foot Melonseed!


Roger in Spray - a NE Dory on the left and Simon in the swift Goat Island Skiff on the right.


Steve Kingery of the Crystal River Boat Builders - trying out a scale model of their 37 foot Scow!


It was stable and fast!


Dennis, Steve and Simon at the Turtle docks.


The Tarpon turtle has cleared away the reeds so small boats can utilize their beach!

Glenn checking out the Goat.


Thanks for leaving me an easy place to tie up guys!


Roger making landfall at the Turtle


Docked at the Turtle Restaurant - Duckling rests.


The Menger in a slip.


Simon sailing home !