Cayo Costa Cruise - March 16-18, 2018

Photos by: Ron Hoddinott, David Heckman, Larry Cairns, Lonnie Black, Dan Roeder, Craig Skiles, and Capt Gerry and others (?)

A great turnout by the Squadron! 21 or 22 boats, depending on who was counting turned out for the bi-annual event (next one in October).

Featured light winds, cool sleeping temperatures in the evening, music by two excellent singer/sailors from the National Trailer Sailor group at Friday night's campfire.

A deep discussion music theory and how to play the harmonica by Dennis Bradley on Saturday night. Some spirited sailing on the way back on Sunday.

And great time connecting with old friends and new ones!


Dan and Craig (Wayfarer and Lightning) close in on Cayo Costa State Park.


Dan and the Wayfarer, Truant


David Heckman's SeaPearl "Notta Yachta" and Dan's Wayfarer, "Truant"


Craig's Lightning - smooth water.


Jack Dirkes' "About Time" SunCat next to Ron Pierce's O'Day 192


The beach begins to fill up on Saturday. - 21 boats altogether!


Mike Keough - sailing his ComPac Legacy on Saturday.


Mike's view from the cockpit.


Bill Fite - EC veteran and record breaking SeaPearler aboard MoonShadow.


Early Morning aboard Moon Shadow


Ron Hoddinott arrives in the cove with SunCat Nomad.



Ed and Becky's SeaPearl Tri - looking great !


David Heckman's lovely and well fitted out SeaPearl, Notta Yachta.


Lonnie's "Shorebird" - Peep Hen in Foreground - Roger's CS 17 "Mermaid" right behind him.


Captain Gerry's new "Junk" rig on his sailing canoe. Gerry served us Sushi and Chinese food for breakfast and snacks around the campfire!


This junk rig was made out of drop cloths and dowel rods and sailed well!


Roger Sanderson's Mermaid.





A photo from David's SeaPearl on the way to Cayo Costa.


From the Peep Hen - looks like a bit of motoring ahead.


Captain Gerry's delicious "Chinese Dumplings!"


Dennis Bradley's Egret ready to beach her at the Pelican Bay north cove.


Everyone gets out to help others bring their boats to the beach.


A lazy Saturday finds Ron Hoddinott polishing the stainless on Nomad!


Larry Cairn's Pelican (SunCat) and Kevin Riley's Precision 16.5


Larry's SunCat "Pelican" reflected in the still waters of the cove.


Pelican on the way to Cayo Costa.


SunCat "Pelican" with the setting sun reflacting off her shiny hull and deck.


Ron Pierce checking his anchor before sunset.


Ted Jean and Jack Dirkes discuss the WW Potter.


Morning Sushi? Yes!


Inside a dinghy cruiser - Craig Skiles' Lightning.


Another view of the beach


Nomad heading back to Punta Gorda.


Inside the Crab House Restaurant with Larry Cairns after putting the SunCats on their trailers.


The Triple Blackened Seafood Platter - Shrimp, Scallops and fish!



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