Lonnie Paulaooza - Feb 8-10, 2019

(Photos by Simon Lewandowski, Dennis & Carol Marshall, Peter Harrison, Lonnie Black, Ron Hoddinott, and many other members!)

Lonnie and Paula Black invited the Squadron to a weekend retreat at their spread in Avon Park. Since it was pretty far for most of us, he opened up his home, workshops, RVs and Boats for us to

stay in while we were there. Paula ordered a great BBQ dinner from James Brown's BBQ shop just down the street. The Squadron paid for that part of the meal. Lonnie spent weeks making sure all of his boats were seaworthy.

Then he put them out on the beach for us to try out. A few people also brought their small boats to the event. The Squadron gained four new members, Paul Davis, Bill and Ed Youmans, and Dale Young!

Everyone enjoyed the sailing, the food, and especially the conversaions! The singing in the kitchen wasn't too bad either!


Mostly Lonnie's boats along his beach from the dock.


Colorful sails and boats reflect the perfect day at the LonniePaulooza!


The beachfront property of Lonnie and Paula Black.


Simon's Kite Cam captures the action.


Boat are being sailed and returned to the beach for others to sail.


Kids had a beach day! Niko and Joshua dug a huge hole!


Heading in and heading out - all day.


Craig and Dianne Skiles checking out the Beetle Swan


Dale Young and his buddy enjoying the scene.


Dennis and Carol Marshall bringing in Duckling. Their Michalek CatBoat


Getting the kids out on the lake. Peter Harrison taking care of parking everyone!


JF Bedard returning the SCAMP to the beach.


Jose' Rodriguez sailing the SCAMP!


Pam King launching her Mirror Dinghy.


A lovely North East Dory by CLC.


Niko sailing the Beetle Swan.


Pam King sailing her Mirror.


Paul Davis tries out Michael Burwell's well traveled Welsh Coracle.


Roger Sanderson demonstrating proper technique with the Coracle


Peter Harrison's photoshop interpretation of the photogenic Roger Sanderson.


Ron Hoddinott waves from aboard the SCAMP as Dennis and Carol prepare to board.


Bow of the SCAMP on the beach.


Two of Lonnie's favorites - Lil Scamper and the Beetle Swan.


Wind picking up!


The SCAMP moves well in light air.


Jose' bearing down on the photographer.


Simon with the kite cam rig.


Lil' Stubby - another Lonnie creation.


Lil Stubby and the Beetle Swan


Another Lonnie mini-craft with the Coracle.


Storm coming in - wind picks up - rain sprinkles -most of the boats are here - where is the Blue Jay??


Blue Jay spotted - she's DOWN!


David holds on and gets her righted.


Peep Hen steams to the rescue.


JF Bedard bails out the BlueJay while Michael Burwell brings a damp David back to shore. No harm done.


The storm blows over and the serving line begins. Ribs, pulled pork, corn bread, potatoe salad, chicken, beans, cole slaw. AND...




Ron Hoddinott gets Lonnie and Paula together so the Squadron can give them a standing ovation for their efforts. Job well done!


After dinner what else? More sailing!


Windsurfer, Blue Jay, and AF4 on collision course ?


Out back - Pete Harrison's Kit car and LOTS of Parking for 56 people!


Hobie 10 sailor says "Y'all come back next year!"


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