St. John's River and Silver Glen Springs

April 2-5, 2019


Kirk Chamberlain rigs his Drascombe Lugger for the trip at Astor Ramp near Hwy 40 east of Ocala.


Taken from Lonnie's Peep Hen Shorebird - heading down river toward Lake George.


Dale Young's Peep Hen, OZ, passes by a large yacht tied to a dock on the east shore of the St. John's River.


OZ taking in the sights along the river.


First night's anchorage in a small cove north of the entrance to Lake George.


Shorebird - Lonnie's Peep , and Shorebird and Oz together.


Dennis and Carol's new C-Dory 16 Cruiser!


Inside Silver Glen Springs - And a photo of Michael and his coracle visiting Ron Hoddinott and Nomad .

Dale's Sweet doggie looking for another one aboard the Lugger!


Michael Burwell visiting with Kirk. Lonnie and Michael solved the mystery of Kirk's sticking centerboard!


Back at OZ, Dale enjoying the beautiful water and lovely day.


Water - 72 degrees year round. Cool and refreshing.


Michael's Peep, Emerald buttoned up for the evening.


There are three Peep Hens in the photo. Too bad the powerboat got in the way!


Lonnie made the rounds in his kayak, visiting with everyone.


Ted Jean brought an inflatable SUP which he managed NOT to fall off of!


Michael Burwell and his coracle, which he really knows how to get going!


Kirk trying out the SUP while visiting Ron - and Dale rowing over to chat with Michael.


A streak of pink in the sky reflected in the calm morning water.


Reflections of a great trip.


Water color changes as the sun rises.


Early morning shot of Ted's Potter 15 "X2" and Ron's ComPac Suncat "Nomad"


Hmm.. from the water line it seems Ron is still sleeping aboard.


The Lugger heads out for home!


The C-Dory of Dennis and Carol with full enclosure.


Ron's Nomad sailing in through the opening to Salt Springs Run off of the St. John's River.


It looked like there was room at the dock...


But a pontoon boat took the only available space. So Michael and I turned around and sailed back to Silver Glen.


Michel Burwell enjoyed the cruise and invites you ALL to join us on our next adventure!


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