Ron's SeaPearl, Whisper with new sails broad reaching in the Gulf on Friday, June 8th.


Bill Fite's MoonShadow - at 6 knots.

Anchored SeaPearls at Stump Pass with Blue Bayou arriving.



Ed and Becky make their beach approach.



SeaPearl TRI - Blue Bayou at Stump Pass - June 8th.


Ed heads for shelter as a squall blows through.


The calm after the storms - Stump Pass Anchorage - Wing-It - SeaPearl Tri.


Wing It at 6 knots in the Gulf on Saturday - Headed for Boca Grande Pass


Whisper and Moon Shadow in cruising trim - Saturday in the Gulf.


Moon Shadow in the Gulf on Saturday.


Two SeaPearl Tris in the Gulf on Saturday.


Wing-It - Paul Waggoner's SeaPearl Tri

Moon Shadow delivers Ice to ALL!


The Reward


Bill pushing hard for the finish.


Now where's my beer?


Rick's Mental Floss - Mac 26 S.


Beach Head Secured.

Pat and Charlie Ball arrive on Horton BuffelHead Sailing Canoe.


Pat and Charlie pose by their Buffelhead canoe.


Ain't she pretty?


Dave and Teresa with wandering Lab - Mocha!

Mocha gets tired too!


Bill checking the wind speed.


Ed at Foster's Bay on Sunday or Monday with Blue Bayou.


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