Lake Tarpon 10th Anniversary Sail

Sept 20th, 2008

Ron's guest Scott checks out Steve Morrill's cockpit while Steve rigs a dock line.


Dennis Marshall rigs his Com-Pac 16 at the ramps


Steve Kingery sailing his newest Princess Sailing Canoe - bought at the Cortez Small Craft Festival this April.


Veteran WCTSS members Art Gregory and Brenda Bell sailing Brenda's Rosie Pearl - SP Trimaran.


Ed and Becky Combs' Blue Bayou rips along the shoreline.


Ed keeps cool under the bimini, while Becky enjoys the sun and breeze!


Ron brings Whisper out of retirement!


Chuck Wicks sailing his Sanibel 17 "After You!"


Chuck waves from the huge cockpit of the little sloop.


Brenda sailing by the stern of Dennis and Carrol Marshall's Com-Pac 16.


The wind was great in the morning!


Scott at the helm of Whisper concentrates on the tell tales.


Dennis and Carrol have scaled down from a BIG boat in New York State.


Now where was that camera?


Chuck seems satisfied with the Sanibel 17 "After You." Hey! I used to own that boat, Chuck!


Still looking good after all these years!


Now if I could just get the top of the mast in the photo!


What a great looking dodger, Brenda!


Comin' at ya!


Dennis and Carol coming into a slip at the Tarpon Turtle restaurant.


Now that's a shallow slip, Steve!


Gill Walker showed up for lunch without his boat! Here he's watching Steve furl the mizzen on Shadow.


Steve had three guests aboard his SeaPearl 21 from the Bay Sailor's Club!