Lake Harris

November 15th- 16th 2008

Ed and Becky Combs beat out into a drizzly Lake Harris.


Dennis and Garret Marshall aboard their well sailed Com-Pac 16 "Grin."



Bill Fite's SeaPearl 21 "Moon Shadow."

Bill Whalen's Peep Hen "My Little Chick-a-Dee."



Bob Wood's O'Day Mariner going to windward. (Ed Comb's Photo)


Steven Ladd and Virgina - first sail aboard their SeaPearl.


SeaPearl, Com-Pac and Steve Kingery's Dovekie round the point of Long Island.


Bill Whalen - water taxi driver.



Virginia get's anchor ready to deploy.



"Blue Bayou" at the dock - "Grin" a'comin' in.


The view from the dock.


Grin aproaches the dock at the Hide-a-way ... AKA "The Biker Bar" on the lake.



Stin's Potter 19 sets the hook near Whisper - at anchor.


Grin in tropical setting at the dock.


Son and Dad - Garret and Dennis Marshall



Bob Wood with O'Day Mariner coming in under power.


Virginia, Steven and Stin ponder the choices for lunch.


Our waitress takes Bob Wood's order.


Bill, Ed and Becky with pitchers of amber beer.


OK... the messy chicken sandwich or the big burger? Choices choices!


Bill Whalen's Peep Hen turns out to be a great water taxi!


Looking good, Bob! (Photo by Ed Combs)


Bill's Peep Hen getting under way under cloudy skies. (photo by Ed Combs)


Dennis and Garret enjoying the sail after lunch. Check out the reefed main. (Photo by Ed Combs)


Steve Kingery's Dovekie hard pressed with reefed sails.


Whisper with a bit too much sail up. (photo by Ed Combs)


Whisper moving well. (photo by Ed Combs)


Still needs another reef in the main. (photo by Ed Combs)


Bill Fite's "Moon Shadow" sticks her nose into a wave. (Photo by Ed Combs)


Ron Hoddinott's "Whisper" well reefed down and moving well. (Photo by Ed Combs)


Oops! Heck of a way to end the afternoon!