Fort DeSoto Park and Shell Key

Feb 21st - 2009

Jose get's the mast up - Juan supervizes


Art and Brenda arrive with Art's Peep Hen - KIVA.


Bill Prater with his SeaPearl 21 "Mae Quick"


Paul Waggoner arrived with his SP-Tri Wing-It and neighbor Stan.


How's dad doing, Juan?


Harvey Brillat raises the mast on Weehawken, while founding member Bud Tritschler assists.


Bill Fleming's "Opa"


Ed Combs' "Blue Bayou" with Steve Tonnesen as crew.


Wing and Wing in 15 knots.


Ron Hess with "Shallow-Minded."


Weehawken - SeaPearl Tri.


Two SP-Tris converge on Art and Brenda in Kiva.


Paul and Stan making good time!


Weehawken and Kiva.


Blue Bayou at speed.


Wing-It heading west.


Takin' out the reef on Kiva.


Weehawken close reaching.


Jose Rodriguez with family aboard their Potter 15.


Cool Breezin' !!


Mae Quick with Bill Prater aboard.


Check out the electric outboard - big Mercedes battery drives it.


Ron Hess making good time to windward in "ShallowMinded."


Crossing tacks.


Way to make way upwind, Ron!


Ron Hess heads for the docks.


Ed Comb's Blue Bayou at the beach.


Takin' it easy with Art and Brenda.


Nice break on the beach!


Joe Milavsky took these shots from the Ft. DeSoto shore.



Heading back to the ramps in light air.

See you next time!

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