Great Gulf Coast Small Craft Festival

Cortez Florida

April 17 - 19 - 2009


Bill Whalen, Ron Hoddinott, Steve Kingery, and Richard Anderson on the docks. Bill Fite Photo


Dennis Bradley's Egret by Commodore Munroe - Bill Fite Photo


 Bill's lunch


 Whisper as seen from MoonShadow - Bill Fite Photo


Bob Wood sailing his O'Day Mariner - Bill Fite Photo


Ron Hoddinott - hands on a work of art. (photo by Bill Dolan)


 Quiet docks on Friday.


Bill Dolan's Sea Bird - Marshall Cat with Dennis Bradley aboard.


Cornish Shrimper


Fiberglass Beetle Cat - built by my old friend Don Peterson -


Roger Allen - Museum Curator sailing Miss Kate


Bill Dolan with a "Dark and Stormy"


Nadine - a restored Coquina Cat - recovered from the bottom!


 Strip Planked canoe.


Whisper in cruising trim


Bill Whalen's My Little Chick-a-Dee (Peep Hen)


Another strip planked wonder


Now that's some varnish!


Sallie Adams of Cortez, Florida.


 The Highland Lass


beautiful work!


 Mac McCarthy - father of modern strip planked canoes made it to the festival!


Esperanza - A Cuban refugee boat restored by the museum.


Larry Paige's Swampscott Dory in center


Steve Kingery's Princess Canoe


Lovely Marsh Cat by Joel White.


David Turner's Maya - SeaPearl 21 

 Bill Fite's MoonShadow on Sunday


Checking out a future site for a WCTSS Cruise!


 Crossing southern Tampa Bay


Crossing Egmont Channel towards Fort DeSoto - photo by Bill Fite