St. John's River and Lake George

May 15th - 17th, 2009

(Photos by Dennis and Carol Marshall)

Nice floating docks!


WCTSS boats going under the Astor Bridge heading north to Lake George.


Friendly Osprey on convenient nest site - a navigation marker!


Snowy Egret



Phil Reed's Potter 19 on the way north.


looking out at the big lake.


Mark Tripp's Southcoast 23, Dennis & Carol Marshall's CP Suncat, Nick Lackey's Ensenada 20


Mark Trip and Seth, Phil Reed and Carol Marshall - cooling their heels at Blue Island.


Nice lookin' boat Mark!




Nick Lackey's Mermaid an Ensenada 20


Phil Reed's Potter 19


Mark cooking dinner. Seth saying "Are they done yet?"


Phil tends the campfire.


Saturday on the lake - Mermaid - heading to Silver Glen Springs


Negotiating the hazards of the lake


Powerboats ahead - must be nearing the Spring entrance.


Good shot of the Ensenada 20


Hey Nick!


Mark and Phil's boats rafted up.



"Odd Duck" - the Marshall's new Com-Pac Suncat at Silver Glen Springs - Look at the water!


Cooling off time on Saturday!


Dennis plays the fiddle!


Phil Reed meets with Nick in the crystal clear water of the spring.


Last stop before heading home - Lunch at the Blackwater Inn!