10,000 Islands Cruise

January 2010

Terry Clements prepars Riff - SP 21 - for departure from Port-of-the-Islands


Nick Lackey makes his way down the Fakahatchee Canal


Ron Hoddinott's SeaPearl Tri - Whisper spies the Gulf in the distance.


Terry Poling sounds for depth as he prepares to anchor "Breakin' Wind" - Telestar 28


Ken Williams walks the dogs. Marcin's O'Day 192 in background.


Monday on the beach. Macs Tris and and O'Day 192

Ken and Brenda Williams' Mac X - Last Flight


Mary and Dave's Mac X alongside Terry and Dawn's Breakin' Wind.


Marcin got in a little too close in the falling tide.


Terry and Dawn't Molly enjoying a romp on the beach.


Steve and Deborah's Hullmaster 22 "Tiger Moth"


Martin and Deborah's "Arwen" - Mac X


Steve and Ginny steaming oysters foraged along the shore... Yummy!


Ginny Phalen and Steven Ladd


Cooking on the coals of the campfire.


Steve and Ginny's tent - SeaPearl tucked into the creek


Ken and Brenda invited Nick and Ron to lunch!


Marcin's O'Day trying the waters of the Gulf.


Terry Poling arriving back at Port-of-the-Islands


A warm up dinner at the restaurant!


Yes, you can get a Telstar 28 into a slip!


Two differnt double kayaks out for a spin in the marina.


Ken performs in the room that came with the slip!


Mary Forrester plays her guitar and sings.


Terry and Dawn say .. Let's try again next year for better weather!