New Year's Eve Cruise

Pine Island -Ft Myer's Beach


Ed and Becky tie up their Hunter 23.5 securely.


Com-Pac Suncat "Saurna" owned by Paul Scribner


Becky Combs on Picnic Island south of Pine Island.


Dave Barnicoat's Hot Tub - Mac 26X and on right - Stin Linkert's Lilly P - Potter 19


Preparation for sundown - a roaring fire and something to warm you up inside!


Sunset on the island.


Daybreak brings low tide and a long wait for water.


Dave and Teresa Barnicoat aboard Hot Tub.


Stin sailing Lily P.


Ed and Becky's water taxi.


Not a fitting end for a good boat!


Hunter making good time in the ICW.


St. Myer's anchorage Sundown.