Lake Harris Cruise - Oct 16th - 17th - 2010


Ed and Becky's Saint Somewhere - on the lake.


Harvey Brillat's SP Tri - Wehawken


Eric and Jane DeVoe in Kestrel - John's Sharpie Ketch


Dale Niemann and Lively with guest


Scene at the ramps on Saturday morning.


Kestrel comin' at ya.


Dennis and Carol Marshall's Odd Duck - Suncat


Kevin Mulligan sailing Annie - CRBB Sharpie Skiff


Steve Wood's Dovekie - Hilis Hadjo


Odd Duck and Wehawken


Bill and Harvey sailing Wehawken


Bill Whalen's Peep Hen - My-Little-Chick-a-Dee !


DeJa Vu - Fred and Maryanne's SeaPearl crossing tacks with Wehawken


Lively, Odd Duck and Hilis Hadjo sailing west.


Deja Vu

Dale waves from the helm of Lively


Deja Vu


Allez - Luke's new SeaPearl 21 !


The Hideaway's new long tables on Saturday!


Deja Vu and Luke's Allez in light air.


Mark Stewart in his Kakay Tri - Shark Bait !


Ray Almodovar in his Windrider 17


Looks like Ray founde some wind!


Pete Redston - Swifty 14.


Steve Wood's Bayhen with "Roo"


Kevin Mulligan and Annie.


The Hainsley's Potter 15


Sunday sailing with St. Somewhere !


Odd Duck looking for the anchorage.


Ron's Whisper at rest in Horseshoe Cove for the night.


Curt Bowman's Annie - Wooden Drascombe Coaster.


Annie under way on Sunday


Bay Hen, Peep Hen and Swifty Skiff 14


St. Somewhere, Whisper, and the Windrider on Sunday


Becky says "Come on down and sail in November at Cayo Costa!"