Cayo Costa Rendezvous - Nov 1th - 14th - 2010

Ron Hoddinott rides back to an anchored Whisper aboard MoonShadow on Thursday evening.


Freshly painted Moonshado Friday morning.


Whisper and MoonShadow anchored south of Dog Island - Placida


Mike Ives sailing in with his Montgomery 17


Colette and John Johns sailing their SeaPearl Tri into Pelican Bay - north cove


John and Colette like to set up stern to the beach for easy access.


Paul Waggoner brought Dodie and Billy and Joyce VanDeusen over in his Aquasport launch.


Ted Jean confers with John as Colette, Joyce, Dodie, Paul and Billy enjoy the weather.


Umbrellas pop up for the afternoon - Paul Myers and Dimitri have arrived.


Mac X, Marshall Sanderling, and Potter 15 stern to the beach.


Jeff Carr pilots his MelonSeed into shore as the evening decends.


The Johns' Golden Pearl and Ron's Whisper


Paul Myer's BROGAN - Sea Pearl 21


Bill Dolan, AKA "Catboat Willy", sets out an anchor.


Ted's Potter 15 tucked in on SeaPearl (shallow) Row.


Bill Dolan and Bill Whalen ask Ron Hess about his SeaPearl "Shallowminded."


Dimitri went to Boca Grande to pick up his 5 kids for a romp on the beach!


Simon Lewandowski's Proton - SeaWard Fox 17 and Lively - Core Sound 17


Bill Dolan checking his anchor on SeaBird - his Marshall 18 catboat.


Paul Myers chats with Dale - Jeff's MelonSeed in background.


Egret waits for lunch to stop flopping around!


Whisper - Terry and Ruth Nagel's Siren arrived on Saturday.


Lively, Peep Hen Marshall 18, and SeaPearl


Tide Comes In - She puts the fire out ... Well that was the plan anyway.


Ron Hess makes tracks on Sunday leaving Pelican Bay.


Lively beats for home.


Osprey soars over Pelican Bay