Cedar Key Small Boat Meet

May 6th - 8th 2011

(Photos by Joe Milavsky, Simon Lewandowski, Bill Fite, Ron Hoddinott, and Bill Dolan)


Map of Cedar Key when the Pencil Factory was on Atsena Otie Key - 1884

Where'd I leave my boat? Rigging on Saturday morning in front of the Island Place.


Simon and Christi's new "Goat Island Skiff!"


Skiff's first launch!


Great attention to detail, and craftsmanship!


Blasting back in after first outing!


Meade Gougeon's EC boat - Hot Canary!


Dale Niemann's Core Sound 17 - Lively getting ready on Friday.


Russ Blagg's Potter 15, Merlyn, powering under the bridge.


Ed Combs sails by to say Howdy!


Holly Bird - veteran Squadron Member sets out in her Crawford Melonseed.


Bernard and Genise's adorable 12 footer - KRAM.


Preston Watters sets out in his CLC John's Sharpie


Bill Fite's EC SeaPearl Moon Shadow with Sheila aboard!


The beach begins to fill up!


Dave Lucas' new power launch from Cortez.


Steve Wood's Bay Hen with Yulo.


Two Yakaboo sail canoes!


Rex and Kathy Paine's Melonseed on Atsena Otie Key.


Ron Falkey's Trimaran.


SeaPearls on the beach.


The Tridarka Raider from the past three Everglades Challenges. Now owned by Larry Whited.


Surprise! Steve and Ginny Ladd visited CK - Left their SeaPearl Thurston in Panama!


Bill Whalen's Old Town sailing canoe.


Simon with Meade Gougeon and the GIS (Goat Island Skiff)


Meade enjoys the simplicity of the GIS in about 7 knots of wind.


Meade tacking the GIS.


Front of Island Place Beach. 30 foot long Bolger folding schooner in center.


Jeff Lackey's and Ernie Brown's SeaPearls bracket Nelson Bennett's Alpha Dory.


Nice study in contrasts - Bob Treats's Catboat and Meade Gougeon's I550!


Upfront with Jay Ludwig's Cedar Key 15.


Great shot Simon.


Head chef on Saturday - Mark Stewart!


Dave's sharpie, with Bernard's Kram, and Ron Hess's SeaPearl.


From the bridge.


Bows to the breeze.


Terry and Ruth coming in.


Roseate Spoonbills.


Whatcha' findin' there Rosie?


Doug Cameron's Norseboat.


Christie, get up on the weather side... quick!


Ready to sail....


Bolger folding schooner sailing!


Meade's Hot Canary making tracks - Ron Hoddinott on the rail.


Wes Wright sailing his father's 35 pound "Felluca."


Nelson Bennett at the helm of his Alpha Dory.


Ted Jean (I think) in his Hobie Adventure Island.


Dale Niemann aboard Lively - CS 17


Preston Watters sailing his John's Sharpie.


Jim Brown (red had) checks out the Tridarka Raider a Matt Layden design.


Terry Clements aboard his Peep Hen "Sartori" confers with Bill Whalen, another Peep owner.


Ed and Mark doing the brats and burgers Saturday night.


Bob Wood reacts to his Life Membership award!


Ted Jean picked up the "Hard Nosed SOB" award with good humor.


Jose' cruises back with his "Popeye the Sailorman" award!


Bill Wright, owner of JSI, Ron and Becky Combs calling numbers for door prizes provided by JSI!


Like my boat?


Life of the party - Art Gregory, Brenda Bell, and Miriam.


Tom Busenlener and Phil Robinson with Tom's Phoenix - "Rascal."


Jose comes ashore with Sanibel 18.


Simon's parting shot - hats off to the Squadron and one of the best CKSMB's ever!