Cayo Costa Cruise - November 18th - 21st 2011

All photos by: Bill Dolan, Dimitri Krinos, Ed Combs, Jim Williams, and Ron Hoddinott

Sign by the Ranger Dock - Pelican Bay


Beach scene on Saturday.


Rounding the point.


Dennis and Linda Bradley arrive on Egret.


Jim Williams' Hunter and Dennis' Egret


Jose and Cecilia on the beach


Lonnie Black's AF3 Vacilando


Checking out Lonnie's fine work.


Bill Dolan, John Johns, and Ron Hoddinott


Paul Scribner's new ComPac 25 Aloha Kai


Dale Niemann arriving on Friday - rough passage!


Mark Stewart arrives on Imagine That!


Simon and Kristi arrive in Proton - Seaward Fox.


Meade Gougon's Woodwind - Sailing Canoe


Meade's Woodwind with two Reefs!


Whisper - SeaPearl Tri with new Tramps.


Dale Niemann's CS 17 with cabin raised.


Sausage, hot dogs, and what's in the pan Dimitri??




Kristi, Linda, and Colette.


The party gathers as the sun sets.


Jose telling a story.


Morning coffee for Jim Williams aboard Adventure.


Luna at speed.


Jose's Luna on the beach.


QT - Glenda and Mel sail in to the beach.


Dennis' Egret sailing in Pelican Bay on Sunday.


Dennis Bradley plays harmonica while all the kids sing along Sunday night.


Bill Dolan's SeaBird - Marshall 18 Sanderling.


Whisper heads for home on Sunday.