Lake Harris Weekend - November 11th and 12th - 2006

Although getting up early on a weekend isn't my favorite thing to do, I was excited to get on the road to Lake Harris. Bob Wood pulled up in front of the house about 6:45, and I was ready to go. We made a few stops along the way, but still managed to arrive at the Hickory Point Recreation Area about 9:30. Taking Hwy 50 east to SR 19 and going north makes for a scenic and pleasant drive after leaving the interstate.

A few of our boats were already in the water, some having launched on Friday. Paul Miller's Nimble 20, Lazy Susan, was anchored out somewhere near Horseshoe Island, and Steve Wood was at the dock with his Bay Hen 21, as was Terry and Ruth Nagel's Siren 17 Whisper. Mike and Gilda were also out there with their ComPac 23. A few CFYC members from the surrounding area were also at the dock or rigging to launch. I didn't get all their names. Kurt, who owns a Drascombe scaffie called Becky Thatcher, after the distaff character in Tom Sawyer, was also rigging for a launch. Before lang there were a few others getting ready t sail the 6 by 5 mile lake. My nephew from Ocala arrived with his wife and 5 year old son, Bennie. Ben was looking forward to his first ride in a sailboat, so I was pleased that the wind wasn't too strong, so he wouldn't be scared. As it turned out, he would have liked a bit more wind I think. He went to sleep about 30 minutes into the sail, saying "can't we go faster?" I tried to show Ben that we were going faster than the other boats up ahead, but that didn't seem to make much of an impression. Maybe next time, it will be blowing harder for Ben!

Out on the lake, Ed and Becky Comb's Minnow was out sailing the CFYC fleet of cruisers in the light air. Every time he tacked, Minnow was a bit further ahead of the larger boats. We all sort of headed west and then we had a short discussion on the VHF channel 71 about heading for the "biker bar" just north and east of Long Island. We all started heading that way. I had returned my guests to the dock and was headed back out, and just had enough time to get with the fleet when we headed for the restaurant!

There isn't too many places that we sail where we can really go out to eat at a restaurant, so we were excited about getting in and having some good food! The docks at the "Hideaway" are not very accommodating or many, so we decided to anchor over by Long Island, and have Whisper the SeaPearl, and Whisper the Siren ferry everyone to the docks. It worked out pretty well, my Whisper making two trips. If it wasn't for overhanging trees over the docks, more sailboats could get in to tie up there, but with the trees there are only two or three spots for sailboats.

With Ed and Becky and Mike and Gilda the first group to step ashore, they arranged for some extra tables to be set up for us. It was a bit farther from the live karaoke singer, which was somewhat of a blessing! When we all finally arrived, there was already a pitcher of beer on the table, and a few more were promptly ordered. Food ranged from messy chicken to catfish, and it all disappeared, so I assume that it was pretty good. Our waitress disappeared about the time we had to begin retuning to the boats in shifts, and I was worried about being out on the lake without lights if I didn't get back to the dock before dark, but it all worked out. Bob Wood's engineless Dovekie was gratefully towed back by Steve Wood's Bay Hen, and Bob and I were on the road home by 5:00 pm just as the sun began to set.

The rest of our sailors spent the night at anchor and woke up to a cold front and some good winds on Sunday. It's a great place to sail or rinse out your engines in fresh water! Give it a try next time!


Ron Hoddinott - Whisper - SeaPearl 21

Steven Wood - Bay Hen 21

Ed and Becky Combs - Minnow - Potter 19

Terri and Uni Currie - Silver Lady - Mac 26

Mike and Gilda Stewart - Solas - ComPac 23

Terry and Ruth Nagel -Whisper - Siren 17

Art Gregory and Brenda Bell - Rosie Pearl - SeaPearl-Tri

Paul Miller - Nimble 20 - Lazy Susan

Kurt - Becky Thatcher - Drascombe Scaffie