BEER CRUISE - June 8 - 11th - 2007

Pensacola to Navarre and back!

(Backwater Environmental Escape Rendezvous)

Before the Cajun Jumbalaya party Friday evening.


Ed Combs with Kevin Potter.


Cajun John Roddy - Head Chef of the GRITS crew!


Whisper and Wing-It on C-Dock before the party.


C Dock - reserved for the "shallow boats!"


Ed and Becky Combs aboard Minnow on Saturday.


Bill Fite aboard MoonShadow - Saturday Pensacola Bay


Dave Barnicoat aboard Red Tag - WW Potter 19


Ted Jean sailing "Milk & Honey"


MoonShadow running downwind - Pensacola Bay


Whisper at rest - Range Point - Santa Rosa Sound


MoonShadow, Wing-It, Milk & Honey and Red Tag - Range Point


Minnow, Red Tag, Wing-It, Whisper, MoonShadow, Pilgrim, Milk & Honey


Shane Wallace - GRITS member aboard his Neptune 24 "Night Moves"


Hunter 22 - Mystery


Travis Votaw's B & B designed Princess 22 - "Pilgrim"


Pilgrim followed by Moon Shadow and Wing-it


MoonShadow goes by Pilgrim 

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