Watertribe Everglades Challenge - 2008


Friday before the start:

Moonshadow being lifted into place on the beach by ten strong men.


Chief, Steve Issacs directs where he wants to start his Tridarka Raider.


Bill puts in essential gear for the race - oars and poles!


Boo and daBiscuit - Brian Weber and daughter Marissa, who is the youngest to ever finish an EC at 12 years old.


MoonShadow before inspection and before stowage of gear. Yes, we had everything required -- in spades!


Core Sound 20 - Doug Cameron and Michael Collins (Ridgerunner and Greybeard) - finished 5th.


Matt Layden arrives by sea in Sand Flea - smallest competitor this year - finished 7th overall!


Oracle built and sailed by owner Gary Blankenship and Squadron member Noel Davis. Finished 8th this year.


Randy Smyth - famous sailor - arrives with a tri of his own design - note chart in sail. Designed to go 45 knots!


Chief checks out the competition - the beam is 10 inches on the main hull!


Kruger sea canoe - Dreamcatcher model?


Dave Combs' Maggie with much modified rig and centerboard - note autopilot and winch on bow!


Matt Layden fields questions about his able but tiny craft.


Turbo Raptor 16 Pro concept sailed by "Archangel" - Richard Anderson checks it out.


Ultimate 1st place finishers arrive - Lumpy and Bumpy - Steve Lohmayer and Jamie Livingston - Tonado 20 catamaran!


Chief (Steve Issacs) explains some aspect of his Matt Layden designed Tridarka Raider on Friday before the race.


The Squadron's own Colette and John Johns sorting out all the gear to be carried aboard his Hobie Adventure Island!


Saturday - the Start of Everglades Challenge 2008!

John Johns getting the Adventure Island ready for the start.


Looks like he's got everything he needs!


Bill Fite's MoonShadow - with three inflatable beach rollers under her - waiting for the signal to start!


John Johns waiting for the sun!


Bill and Ron - Do ya think we're excited??


Off we go! She rolled right in!




Whoa! Don't let it get away, Bill!


Roll up those rollers and pack them under the aft cockpit!


John Johns taking off quickly at the start!


Bill and Ron got MoonShadow's Mizzen Staysail up after being passed by Dawn Patrol - CS 20!


Gordy Hill took these shots from a powerboat.


Right before the start - the significant others and moral support team gathered!


I bet breakfast at the SeaHorse beat my Apex breakfast square!!


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