The West Coast Trailer Sailing Squadron's

Events Schedule


1. November 16th - 18th Friday - Sunday - Cedar Key in November! - This is turning out to be one of our favorite small boat events! If you have a shallow small boat, bring it! Make reservations NOW for the many hotels, condos, and B & B's in the town, or plan on staying aboard anchored out by Atsena Otie Key. The Island Place is back open and taking reservations, Old Fenimore Mill has good sized two bedroom two bath condos available, and many others. Use to locate a place that fits your lifestyle and budget. Last Year's photos:

Meet Friday night at Tony's Famous Clam Chowder house - I'll make a reservation for the back room. Be there by 5:30 for a table.


2. December 14th - 16th - Indian River Lagoon Cruise - You can cruise over to IRL #1 and camp on the island in tents, or stay aboard your vessel in the protected cove. Launch at Honest John's Fish Camp about 4 miles north of the IRL#1 island or on the Mainland at Christensen's Ramp. Even closer. IRL#1 is directly west of the Sebastian Inlet. ( I like to take Hwy 60 across the state to avoid the Interstates.)

Photos from a 2013 visit to IRL #1:


3. January 2 - 6, 2019 -Ten Thousand Islands Cruise. Between Goodland and the Everglades National Park lies the 10,000 Islands of SW Florida. Launch at Goodland Boating Park or the Resort at Port of the Islands.

Sail to the western side of Panther Key and anchor off the expansive beach. Stick closer to the northern end of the beach to have deeper water at low tide. (Ask me how I know). More later. Great campfires, sails to the ENP, or out to the Dome Homes on the point at Cape Romano Shoals. The white island just above the words "Ten Thousand" in the photo below is Panther Key. Bring beach chairs, campfire or starter logs, and stuff to share.

Photos from another 10K Cruise:


4. LonniePaulooza - Saturday Feb 9th - all day

 Lonnie and Paula Black have generously agreed to host an event whose aim is to get every boat in Lonnie’s fleet navigating Lake Lotela (which is in Lonnie’s backyard) as well as eat, drink and make merry shore side long into the night. This is one event you don’t need to bring a boat to- just get in one of the many kayaks, canoes, and sailboats in fleet and have fun. 
When:  Saturday February 9, 10 am till? 
Where:  1001 Terry Dr, Avon Park FL
What to bring:
•       Bring a dish or two for lunch and/or dinner and any adult beverages.
•       Bring bathing suits and towel; there is a spa/hot tub.
•       No boat is required. You may bring one if you wish; ramp is nearby.
Please RSVP by Jan 1 so planning may commence.
•       Email:
•       Phone/Text: 863-873-8222
•       Include how many people you will be brining and possible dish(es).
•       If you want to come Friday afternoon and help set up, let Lonnie know. We are looking for a handful of volunteers.
•       Overnight accommodations are also available Saturday night (indoor, camper, or bring your own tent/camper). Please indicate if you are interested and coordinate with Lonnie. 

5. March 15th - 17th - Friday - Sunday - Cayo Costa Cruise! Let's hope the Red Tide is HISTORY by then!


6. April -Thinking about the St. John's River!


7. May 3rd - 5th - Cedar Key Small Boat Weekend! - Make Plans early. Call the hotels, or look at the Chamber of Commerce web site for accommodations.